De – Family Photographer

De Fotohoeve – Professional photographer

5 rules we work by:

  1. You always get a big selection of photos on a USB stick.
  2. Perfect quality. All our gear is of professional grade. Our cameras, our printing service & my work style.
  3. We do our job without stress. Still, often we finish the photos for you within one week.
  4. No one will see you photos without your strict permission. This is a standard and free service we offer!
  5. Every photo session with us is fun! This helps creating photos with real smiles!

De Fotohoeve, photographer on any location & occasion

De Fotohoeve makes makes a great experience of every photo session. You can book us for a wedding, a special event or just a nice personal photo session with your family or even just yourself; we take professional photos. You will then receive many photos on a USB stick. All photos have been edited as desired and ready to be printed!

Some printed example photos by

About us

fotograan aan huis renkum oosterbeek arnhem nijmegen ede veenendaal
Niels, uw fotograaf aan huis in Renkum en omgeving. Samen met Katarina.

We are Niels and Katarina from Renkum. Niels is the photographer, editing expert and the equipment planner for our very diverse projects. Katarina takes care of the lighting and helps with placing people for the best photo. She is also our house model, for example for product photos.

De Fotohoeve has its home base in Renkum, Gelderland. But we work throughout the Netherlands! We often work in Wageningen, Heelsum and Oosterbeek, but also in Nijmegen and Arnhem we have done quite a few photo sessions!


Why hire De Fotohoeve ?

Photography is more than just aiming a camera and clicking a button.
Photography is to see a photo before the picture is made. Photography is art with light.

These days any one with a camera or even smartphone is a ‘photographer’. To stand out from the crowd, we have to create photos that are perfect, both light-wise and in composition.

Anyone can take photos with a compact camera or a modern mobile phone. The results are certainly good enough for the well-known social media, but we can create photos to keep for ever, for when your kids grow up, to treasure! Good photos have a beautiful lighting, creative depth of field and no disturbing factors. You can really enjoy our photos because people will look as if you can touch them.

Good reasons to work with us:

We provide the best quality and an amazing atmosphere during the photo session. This is reflected in the fact that we fully respect your own contribution, and can provide sufficient professional flexible feedback. Both in terms of working hours and in terms of ideas, we adapt to your wishes. Together we go for the perfect result! We also offer competitive prices!

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Dorrestijn Plantsoen 44
6866 EA Heelsum
Gelderland, The Netherlands
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