Family photography

Family photographer

I love to make a fun experience of every photo session. No boring static photos in a studio, but just a nice walk at a beautiful location of your choice, and take wonderfully spontaneous photos on the way! Then you get a lot of photos as a download, or for € 17.50 extra on a USB stick neatly sent home. All photos are ready to be printed and optimized for use on, for example, LinkedIn, Facebook & Instagram.

A family photo shoot is number 1 when it comes to the assignments I prefer to do! Just a weekend from my agenda: In the morning with a family in Centerparcs and in the afternoon a walk in the forest with a family consisting of 5 families …

As you can get from my Guestbook and also from the Google reviews, I am also hired the most for this type of photography. Lots of spontaneous photos with people who just really have fun! And then also in a beautiful location, and not in a boring studio for example! These sessions usually last between 45 minutes and one hour. An average of 250 photos on the USB stick / as a download, depending on the composition of the group and the location. In and around Renkum I have various locations that are outside, but are not under the influence of rain.

So I can take beautiful photos all year round, no matter the weather! Only really strong wind is a problem, especially because of the eyes that are closed and the hair that flutters in faces … A family photo shoot can be done anywhere in the Netherlands, inside or outside, all year round. I have all the equipment to handle everything.

Family photography during a party

50, 55 or even 60 anniversary? Grandpa turned 80? We are often on location, for example in hotels and restaurants, for (large) family parties. Here too we have ample experience, and every time customers receive around 200 digital photos from their party! These are, for example, photos of the entire family for a restaurant, atmospheric photos inside the room and “portraits” of almost all guests together with details of the day / evening. We work in such a way that guests hardly notice anything of us. We think this best reflects the atmosphere: No posing (This is always done by separate time) and just people who have fun with other guests. Family & friends who are together, often only once every year. Good photos just have to be made!

Price and information:

  • Subject: Your family, whole family, but also your friends club or association.
  • Included: Post-processing
  • Where: At your home, in the forest, park or any other great place. We are already well known in various restaurants, hotels and holiday parks. Think of Centerparcs & Landal Greenparcs for example. Here we sometimes take great photos several times a week, inside and out!
  • How many: On average 250 great photos per hour of photography! So you will all receive this as a digital file!
  • Your photos safe and trusted in your own hands! We never post photos on the internet without permission. Not on our website, not on social media sites!

A photo shoot of 20 minutes costs € 57,50, a photo shoot of 60 minutes costs € 125,00.
In both cases you can add time per 15 minutes for € 31,25.
You can determine / adjust the duration of the photo shoot: you pay only for the time used.

Photos are supplied in large & small format as a free download without a watermark, or on a secure USB stick which  costs € 17,50 and is sent over PostNL. Also combining these 2 options is no problem!

The call-out price € 17,50 + € 0,28 per kilometer driven. We charge the possible parking and entrance costs through the invoice.

Some call-out cost examples:
(From cities where often work)

Zwolle, € 60,00
Zeewolde, € 51,00
Arnhem, € 25,00
Soest, € 43,00
Ede, € 30,00
Emmen, € 110,00

We work throughout the Netherlands.

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