Family photography

Family photographer

Family photography € 125.00 per hour

We create memories for your entire family, with beautiful photos to treasure always!

  • Subject: Your family, your friends or fellow club members!
  • Where: At your home or somewhere on location.
  • Included: Post-processing
  • Where: At your own home or any beautiful location you wish.
  • Your photos are in save hands. We will never use them online without your strict confirmation! Not on our website, not on social media!

The starting price is € 125. After the first hour you pay € 31,25 per 15 minutes.
Call out costs: € 0.28 per kilometer. We work anywhere in The Netherlands.

How would you like to receive your photos?
You can either have the photos as a download, for free, availible for 3 months.
You can also have them send right to your home on a USB stick, for € 15,00, including sending costs.

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