Maternity photography

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Schoentjes voor mooie zwangere buik

Maternity photography

Great, pregnant! A dream that you have been looking forward to for a long time, but now that the time has come, time seems to go faster than ever before! Fortunately, we can make a beautiful photo collection for you, in your own familiar environment. Let us photograph you as a memory of this beautiful time! You will receive your photos on a USB stick, which you may of course keep. The photos are your property and you can choose where you want them printed and freely used on any kind of social media. The USB stick also contains the link to your photo folder on this website, with the corresponding password, with your own photos. You can then order the photos directly from us in very high quality.

Prices and information:

  • Subject: You and your belly, together with your partner. Also duo shoots are fun, so together with a pregnant girlfriend or couple.
  • Included: Post-processing
  • Where: at your own home or any beautiful location you wish.
  • Your photos are in save hands. We will never use them online without your strict confirmation! Not on our website, not on social media!

A photo shoot of 20 minutes costs € 57,50, a photo shoot of 60 minutes costs € 125,00.
In both cases you can add time per 15 minutes for € 31,25.
You can determine / adjust the duration of the photo shoot: you pay only for the time used.

Photos are supplied in large & small format as a free download without a watermark, or on a secure USB stick which  costs € 17,50 and is sent over PostNL. Also combining these 2 options is no problem!

The call-out price € 17,50 + € 0,28 per kilometer driven. We charge the possible parking and entrance costs through the invoice.

Some call-out cost examples:
(From cities where often work)

Zwolle, € 60,00
Zeewolde, € 51,00
Arnhem, € 25,00
Soest, € 43,00
Ede, € 30,00
Emmen, € 110,00

We work throughout the Netherlands.

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Some very useful tips:

    • Around 7 months pregnant is the best time for pregnancy photography: You feel really well pregnant, you can handle the whole world! Many women find it more difficult to be themselves in front of the camera after the 7 months limit. The self-confidence can then be somewhat lower and the belly is still very heavy. Because of this, you can not enjoy a moment that you can capture just to think back with pleasure later on.
  • Have your makeup and hair done by a professional stylist or close friend. This works wonders for your self image!
  • Provide a warm space. Sometimes photographing can take a while. After all, you have different kinds of clothes you want to wear, different attributes to hold and various rooms to get into the picture. And of course a whole series of photos with your partner.
  • Do not wear tight clothes well before the photo session. This can cause stretch marks and differences in skin color. We can remove natural spots, streaks and stretch marks from the end result if you want.
  • Not too long in the sun / under a sunbathing bench. Color differences in skin is the best thing there is, especially with pictures of hands on a stomach for example. However, red is not the color we want to encounter so a few days before the photo session: stay out of the sun!

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